Whether you’re seeking someone to chat with your class, book club, or writing group, look to our published children’s and young adult authors and illustrators to provide a fun, educational, and inspirational event! 

Virtual visits are easy and affordable. Our member authors are able to do most anything online they would do in person, such as lead a workshop, give a reading, and answer questions. There are even a few things authors can do in a virtual visit that they can’t do in person, like give a tour of their workspace or let students peek into their idea file.

PHOTO3Suzanne Williams
Students in Georgia Skype with author Suzanne Williams

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Also, at Online Author Visits, we are as passionate about making a difference in the world as we are about writing. That’s why our members have pledged to contribute a portion of their virtual visit fees to their chosen charities. You’ll find a list of these non-profit organizations in the sidebar, at right.

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