“The SKYPE experience was incredible.  Kids who said that they didn’t want to participate told me how happy that they were that they “met” you [David Patneaude].  It was sooooo interesting to me to see the response on my side of the experience.  Kids who are often non-responsive and disinterested were engaged … The kids told me that they were surprised that you were just ‘a regular person.’ Not sure what they expected an author to be. However, you have such a calm, humble approach and the students connected with you.”
~ Chris Evans, 
Barrington Middle School–Station Campus, Barrington, Illinois

“Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with my students.  It gave them a unique experience that was not available to other students.  Any positive opportunity that engages struggling readers in books is time well spent.  I can never thank you enough.”Thank you so much for talking to our students [Suzanne Williams], they LOVED it!!!!!! And the teachers were very impressed as well. We handed out the autographed books at the end of the day and everyone was thrilled. I think both sessions went extremely well. I am very pleased.”

~ Theresa Kemp, All Saints Regional Catholic School, Glen Cove, New York

“Trudi [Trueit], it was heartwarming to see how much the children embraced this session. There was not one who was not listening intently, participating by wanting to share ideas with you, asking questions, and ultimately, crafting their own entries ‘on the spot’ in their writers’ notebooks. How awesome a sight! This certainly was an experience we would all want to repeat.” 
~ Jean Bradshaw, The Community School of Naples, Naples, FL 

“My students love The Buddy Files series, and they loved Skyping with Dori Butler. They were able to interact with her by asking questions about her books and learned about being a writer. She gave informative answers that all my 2nd graders were able to understand. They were even introduced to her dog. What a fun way to celebrate books and learning.”
~ Melissa Anthony, Adam Elementary Librarian

“Patrick [Jennings] Our students have been eager to tell you how much they loved Skyping with you! We are so thankful for the technology that allowed us to speak with you from across the world, and we are especially thankful that you were willing to spend that time with us. You have achieved rock star status at AIS-Riyadh!” 
~ Laurie Dukes, Elementary Librarian,
American International School—Riyadh

“Suzanne was delightful and engaging. Students had prepared questions to ask, and she was interesting and enlightening.  We will be doing Skype visits in the future without a doubt.”
~ New Rochelle, Trinity Elementary

“It was so much fun and we had kids ranging from K-5 that were all engaged the entire time. Trudi [Trueit], you were so good with the kids!”‘ 
~ Ashley Allen, Frisco Public Library, Frisco, TX

“The author visit was amazing. Mr. Brooks… tailored his comments to speak directly to this age group… [and] his examples have had an immediate impact. My classes are asking (almost begging) for writer’s workshop time!
~ Everson Elementary